What a weekend we had ! Thank you all who was there ! I love you !

Thank you ; Jekku, Pablo, Hilla, Elli, Cassu, Repe, Pomo, Viima, Aune, Alex, Rilla, Eppu, Friida, Tuisku, Piiku, Ara, Veke, Venla, Uuno, Lotta, Lyyli, Vieno !

Agility, Rally-obedience, Trimming, Retrievering, Singstar.... Sauna..... Happy Happy together <3

Winners of "Olympic Games " , From the left: 4. Lyyli/ 3. Hilla / 1. Tuisku / 2. Cassu


Aune (left) won the running competition, Tuisku was the fastest sausage eater and Pablo won the "box-competition".