Tuusniemi dogshow 23.11.13, judge Paavo Mattila, (14 toller entered)

VEKE --> BOB, cert

AUNE --> Best Bitch-4

I also got news from G. Unikon Kukka "Mila "  ( Last time was many many months ago), Mila had got her first 0-result from Agility and 96 points from unofficial Rally-Obedience competition ! Congrats ! Mila is from litter Uuno-Nelli. Mila's sister LYYLI is also competing at Rally-obedience and brother ZERO at Agility :D

Few weeks and this show year is over...... Next year, new plans, new things.....

Next Int show Helsinki INT x 3 in junior class (Veke/Mimmi) & Äijä in champion class.....

Next year will start from Kajaani INT (Veke/Venla), and then some group show on February (Joensuu... Uuno/Aune/Veke/Venla), INT show Jyväskylä (Veke/Venla) and on March we are going to Lithuania with Veke & Venla. Venla is also going to Latvia on March, maybe.